The 3 phases:


Technical operations management

We determine extent and amount of expected maintenance needs for you. We control legally prescribed maintenance intervals and undertake maintenance performance checks.

Building condition assessment

We take over the yearly building condition assessment, establish appropriate measures, formulate and carry out tenders and check the effectiveness of any taken measures.

Warranty management

We control the building condition during warranty periods and assert possible warranty claims, thus reducing the maintenance costs.

Technical supplier contract optimization

We adjust your existing contracts to all your hotel’s needs and identify saving potentials.

Energy supply contracts, research and analysis, supplier

We take over the control of existing energy supply contracts in consideration to hotel-specific requirements and research possible alternatives. Great saving potentials can result from our analysis.

Consulting and contracting

We enable a renewal of cooling and heating productions without equity investment, create a contracting concept and analyze incoming offers for you.

Fire protection, ensuring of standards

We identify necessary adaptations of the building stock to current statutory requirements, plan and monitor appropriate measures and are able to negotiate with the authorities

IT and communication optimization

We adapt existing IT and communication environments to state-of-the-art level in order to meet the requirements of modern communication behavior.

    Phase 3: Operating

Phase 3 includes the support and coordination of all the business management related activities. After the opening, it is important to quickly and efficiently eliminate possible remaining defects following the acceptance from construction firms, especially concerning those processes that are essentially important for the well-functioning of the business operations.

We assert your possible warranty claims during contract periods and thus eliminate financial burdens that might be caused for the operational result through defects.

We take over the technical management, thus releasing from working tasks outside your qualifications. We provide you with our combined expertise as hotel and restaurant specialists so that you don’t have to worry about any details. We ensure the compliance with legally prescribed service and control intervals of safety-related installations as well as the foresightful and damage preventive maintenance of technical plants.

In the contract optimization area we analyze existing or newly to be concluded contracts and optimally adjust them to the client’s needs.

The security of the guests as highest priority will be achieved through optimization of the constructional fire protection. Especially older buildings do not comply with state-of-the-art technology. We can offer you to meet statutory conditions and requirements with as little effect on the hotel operations as possible.